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Bailey Family Dentistry | Extractions in Covington

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Thomas Bailey, DDS
Bailey Family Dentistry in Covington LA


Extractions are a fairly common procedure.  Teeth are pulled for a number of reasons to include :

1.  Wisdom teeth (3rd Molars) causing pain, problems, or shifting of other teeth.

2.  Orthodotically where extractions are required for the orthodontist to effectively move and straighten malaligned teeth.  These are usually required when the patient's mouth has not developed large enough to accomodate all the the teeth present.

3.  Unrestorable teeth due to damage.

Local anesthesia is used and your comfort throughout the procedure is top priority.

Following the extraction, you will be given detailed instructions as to post operative care.

Covington Dentist | Extractions. Thomas Bailey is a Covington Dentist.
2301 North Hwy 190 ~ Suite 4
Covington, LA 70433